Más de mil 100 muertos por Gripe A en todo el mundo

La gripe A H1N1 cuenta con mayor facilidad de contagio que la gripe estacional común. (Foto: Archivo)

La cantidad de muertes equivale aproximadamente al 0,65 por ciento del total de los contagios. Sin embargo, los mil 154 muertos no dejan de ser una alarma para la Organización Mundial de la Salud, sobretodo por la velocidad de propagación del virus, del que se teme, cause dos mil millones de infectados.

La gripe A (H1N1) ha causado más de mil 100 muertos alrededor del mundo desde su propagación en marzo de este año, mientras que la cifra de contagios ascendió a 162 mil 380 personas en 168 países, según los últimos datos difundidos por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS).

En total mil 154 fallecidos ha dejado el paso del virus, de éstos mil ocho pertenecen al continente americano, donde la temporada de invierno afectó sensiblemente a varias naciones.

En América, 98 mil 242 personas ya han contraído la enfermedad, según la OMS. Los países siguen reforzando sus esfuerzos para evitar que la propagación del virus sea mayor.

En Sudamérica se destaca el caso de Brasil, país en el que los últimos días la cifra de muertos se disparó a 129. Tan sólo este lunes se reportaron 38 personas fallecidas.

La segunda región con un mayor número de muertos es el sureste asiático, con un balance de 65 muertos y nueve mil 858 enfermos.

Autoridades sanitarias de Tailandia anunciaron este miércoles 16 nuevas muertes causadas por la gripe A H1N1, con lo que asciende a 105 la cifra de personas fallecidas en naciones de la región del sudeste de Asia por esa enfermedad.

Casi el 95 por ciento del planeta ha sido afectado por la propagación del nuevo virus, que el pasado 11 de junio fue declarada la primera pandemia de gripe del siglo veintiuno (XXI).

África es el único continente donde la enfermedad no ha golpeado sensiblemente, la mitad de las naciones de la región no han registrado el primer caso de gripe.

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  1. Download the .doc file here:

    Evidence of the ACTUAL ORIGINS of the 2009 “Pandemic Influenza”
    with a Glimpse into its Esoteric Symbolism

    By A. True Ott, PhD, ND
    August 1, 2009 (All rights reserved.)

    In March of 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced an outbreak of “Swine Flu” in Mexico and in Southern California. Within a few months, the “outbreak” increased in scope resulting in the WHO issuing a “Level 6 – PANDEMIC” alert.

    Both the WHO and the CDC announced in April, that the influenza virus responsible for the “pandemic” is a “novel triple reassortant virus” that combines H1N1 (swine) virus with H5N1 (avian) virus and Human flu virus, (H3N2). Press releases sent to the major media outlets of the United States, Canada, and the U.K. further declared that such a “triple virus” had never been seen before, that it was “Novel” (i.e. completely new.) http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/background.htm

    This information is patently and absolutely FALSE. According to the CDC’s own magazine, “Emerging Infectious Diseases”, outbreaks of a “novel reassortant triple virus” have been occurring since 2005. These outbreaks were just as significant as the California and Mexican cases, but for some reason, it was not reported in the mainstream media.

    In the September, 2008 edition of the CDC’s own EID Journal, the story of the 2005 diagnosis and patient history of the same Swine/Bird/Human virus now identified as the “2009 Novel Swine Flu” is well documented.

    Three short weeks after receiving a standard flu shot, a 17 year old boy in Wisconsin comes down with influenza symptoms. Cultures taken from the boy, however, show that he is not suffering from a normal flu virus, but rather has a “novel triple virus” consisting of Avian, Swine and Human viruses.

    The authors of the CDC’s published report are quick to not place any blame on the vaccine being the cause of the disease, but instead declare that the illness was most likely due to the boy assisting in the butchering of a number of pigs three days earlier. However, further sampling of the area swine herds did not result in obtaining any “novel” flu viruses, and the boy only, and no other individual doing the swine butchering was infected.

    Moreover, the question of exactly how the boy obtained the H5N1bird virus is still unexplained nor even asked within the article. (Even though the boy was in close proximity with a live chicken that was eventually “sacrificed in a religious (Jewish) ritual” in the home) – this fact was ruled out as a possible source of the bird-flu strain. This was likely due to the fact that the “bird-flu” strain originated in turkeys and not in chickens.

    Upon closer inspection of the story, (i.e. following the footnotes) some very interesting facts become known.

    1. The “novel” strain of swine/avian/human flu was completely absent from any sampling of swine and humans from 1930 to 1998. Then, out of nowhere, the “reassortant” triple virus appears in North American swine herds in 1998. What could have caused this to happen so suddenly?
    2. Researchers discovered that the “reassortant” strains infecting the pigs were entirely HUMAN in origin, meaning they didn’t mutate naturally in the swine populations, but were introduced into the pigs by human intervention. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=10930664&dopt=Abstract

    This researcher concludes that the new virus was introduced by humans INTO the pig herds, not vice versa. It is common practice that modern CAFO swine farms have strict sanitation standards designed not to provide protection to the humans entering the facility from catching disease from the pigs, but rather, to prevent the pigs from becoming infected by outside humans. Moreover, these massive, corporate CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) are constantly injecting the pigs with vaccines and steroid drugs to elicit rapid weight gains and growth. After all, in the CAFO industry, time is big money – and the pigs must get to optimum market weight as quickly as possible. These vaccines could easily explain how bird viruses mixed with human viruses ended up in the blood of swine herds in North America instantaneously. Moreover, virus DNA is more apt to mutate or “drift” when exposed to steroids or growth hormones such as those routinely injected into large corporate farm swine herds.

    So, where could the 17 year old Wisconsin boy have possibly contracted the current “novel” virus back in 2005? It is highly likely that the boy received a flu vaccine from California-based vaccine giant, CHIRON’S 2004:HOT” LOT which had been PROVEN TO BE CONTAMINATED WITH “LIVE” VIRUSES”. This would help explain the involvement of the New York health department, and why Novartis moved so quickly to purchase Chiron completely in 2005.

    Why has the CDC and the WHO apparently ignored these vitally important pieces of information, and why have they withheld it from the American public? Why was the New York health inspector (Alexandra P. Newman) sent to Wisconsin by the CDC to investigate this case and author the paper, and why did it take three years (2005-2008) to complete it?


    In a recent April 30, 2009 “update” the World Health Organization’s “INFOSAN” in conjunction with the United Nations’ “Food and Agriculture Organization made some very interesting declarations, in light of the documentations outlined in this paper.

    On page 2 of the report, the experts correctly declare that “swine influenza viruses do not normally infect humans”. The report further explains that in order for a human to become infected with a “swine virus” (i.e. in an “abnormal” situation) – the human would have to literally exchange bodily fluids with an infected pig. However, it is also true that pigs can readily catch human flu viruses that are merely airborne, (thus the need to protect the CAFO pigs from human-borne infections.)

    Furthermore, this April 30 report declares this sobering truth: “The implicated (novel pandemic virus causing such world PAN-ic) HAS NOT BEEN ISOLATED (found) IN PIGS!!!” The obvious question then is simply, if it has never been found naturally in pigs, (as the Wisconsin study of 2005 amply corroborates) then WHERE DID IT COME FROM? Why is it still being called “swine” flu, if has been shown to have never been found in swine?
    To view the full report, go to:


    I submit most mysteries in life are like a giant Sudoko puzzle – and can often be solved through the use of logic and elimination of information that doesn’t fit. What information does fit into this particular puzzle, and how can the missing squares in the 9X9 matrix be filled?

    It is a fact that Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger began working in the mid-90’s on reverse engineering the deadly 1918 virus that killed untold millions of people. It is a fact that he assembled his “team” at the U.S. Army Institute of Pathology in 1996 and officially began work on the “project” in 1997. It is a fact that in 1997, Taubenberger published a paper in the journal “Science” identifying that the 1918 killer virus was a “triple reassortant novel” virus containing genetic segments of Human, Swine, and Avian origin. Taubenberger completes his “project” in 2003, then begins working for the NIH in the area of Vaccine development. In 2005, a Wisconsin boy is diagnosed with the same triple virus now declared a pandemic by the WHO in 2009, SHORTLY AFTER RECEIVING A FLU SHOT.

    It is also a fact that the world’s largest multi-national pharmaceutical corporation, Novartis, applied for a patent for a vaccine designed to address a “novel reverse-engineered triple reassortant pandemic virus” on November 4, 2005 – just a week before the Wisconsin boy receives his flu vaccine – and a month before the boy develops the first case of “triple” virus. This patent is granted in February of 2009, then a very short month later, the same “triple-virus” is publicized world-wide as a terribly deadly Mexican outbreak. Within days, Novartis receives billions of dollars in vaccine contracts from panicked nations.

    Fact:: the “novel swine flu” has an extremely low mortality rate compared with “seasonal flu”. http://www.who.int/csr/don/2009_05_26/en/index.html
    In fact, the CDC and the WHO have quit listing the cases and the fatalities, quite possibly because of this fact. They may be concerned that people will begin to ask: “This doesn’t appear to be that deadly, why all the hysteria calling for a headlong rush to implement mass vaccination in our schools and in pregnant women?” The same people would likely then ask in the next breath: “Could it be possible that the vaccine can likely be many times more dangerous than the disease itself??”

    Fact: I have shown that the CDC and the WHO have misled America as to the history and origins of the “Triple Virus”, so why should we believe their projections about the coming waves of death unless vaccines are pushed?

    So, using Sudoku puzzle logic, what fits in the missing blanks? It should be obvious that this “virus” is not natural and is a product of “reverse engineering” in U.S. Army labs. Given all of the other information, that is the only conclusion that fits. It completes the puzzle very nicely.


    It is also readily apparent that Novartis, headquartered in Basel Switzerland has a very close and cozy relationship with the Club of Rome, who in turn founded the WHO, which in turn founded the “International Food Safety Authorities Network” (INFOSAN) which works in joint unity with the United Nation’s F.A.O. (Food and Agriculture Organization.) INFOSAN and the FAO have recently advocated installing unrealistic regulations on U.N. member-nation’s food supplies – regulations that would benefit only the large corporate farms while bankrupting small independent farms. Moreover, they are the architects of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, which restrict the flow of natural and organic health supplements to the world.

    Take a close look at the Symbols of these three organizations shown at

    Notice the “serpent” on the staff of the WHO symbol – with the U.N. logo in the background. The U.N. logo shows the earth divided into 33 segments – symbolizing the 33 levels of universal freemasonry. The INFOSAN logo shows the earth constricted by wide strips – as if the earth is under its complete bondage and control. This is sinister enough, I would submit – but lets take a look next at the FAO logo.l

    At first glance, this international logo looks benign and harmless enough, doesn’t it? First glances can be deceiving, however.

    Look closer, and you will see two Latin words in the circular logo. These words are: “Fiat Panis”. According to the founders of FAO, the English translation of this is: “Let there be Bread”. Simple enough, but who (or what) is destined to “control” the bread, – i.e. the world’s food? Let’s see the dictionary’s definition of these two words.

    According to http://www.dictionary.com, the word Fiat is described:
    FIAT: –noun
    1. an authoritative decree, sanction, or order: a royal fiat.

    2. a formula containing the word fiat, by which a person in authority gives sanction.
    3. an arbitrary decree or pronouncement, esp. by a person or group of persons having absolute authority to enforce it: The king ruled by fiat.

    1625–35; < L: let it be done, 3rd sing. pres. subj. of fierī to become

    So, for instance, a “fiat” currency simply means money that is decreed to be valid only upon the authority of a specific government and that’s all.

    Next let’s take a look at the work “Panis”.

    PANIS: The Panis are a class of demons in the Rig-Veda. Derived from PANI-, a term for "bargainer, miser," especially applied to one who is sparing of sacrificial oblations. The Panis appear in RV 10.108 as watchers over stolen cows.

    In case you didn’t know, the Rig-Veda is the Hindu holy book as equivalent in importance to the Hindu faithful as the Koran is to Islam, and the “Babylonian Talmud” is to the Jews. As a matter of fact, many historians agree that, like the Talmud, the Rig-Veda had its origins in ancient Babylon – the land of modern-day Iraq. The Grand-Dragon of Freemasonry himself, Albert Pike declared this to be the case in his seminal book: “Indo-Aryan Deities and Worship as Contained in the Rig-Veda”. Read excerpts from Pike’s book at:

    It would appear, then, that the Logo “Fiat Panis” has much more to do with a hidden, esoteric and deeply occultic agenda than it does with supplying bread to a hungry world.

    I would submit that it literally means: An authoritarian decree by powerful, hidden demonic entities hell-bent on stealing and controlling the world’s food supply.

    But then, who believes in Demons in this crazy world?? Do the world’s elite meet in secrecy each year in a place called Bohemian Grove just to get drunk and party under the effigy of a gigantic Stone Owl? Is it just a bizarre co-incidence that GREAT HORNED OWLS just happen to be the conveyors of demonic wisdom according to the Rig-Veda??

    Evidence of the ACTUAL ORIGINS of the 2009 "Pandemic Influenza" with a Glimpse into its Esoteric Symbolism By A. True Ott, PhD, ND August 1, 2009 (All rights reserved.)

    Lab Origins of “2009 Novel Swine Flu”
    By A. True Ott, PhD, ND
    May 12, 2009

    An analysis of the “swine flu” genome sequence by Alexander S Jones (NIH Whistleblower) indicates that only 5% of the “Novel Swine” (pandemic) influenza A RNA sequences (swine flu combined with avian flu viruses identified in the “pandemic” 2009 virus) share no known homology in any public databases (in addition to the avian/swine hybrid nature of both these critical genes), and so a laboratory origin for this virus is the only logical conclusion. (95% if the sequences are readily available to micro-biologists working in Department of Defense weapons labs – i.e. Ft. Detrick, and can be “spliced” together to form a nearly-perfect match to a previously identified viral pathogen.)

    It is public knowledge that Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger’s team at Ft. Detrick painstakingly identified each genetic code on the eight RNA gene strands of the 1918 “killer” virus. Once identified, the next step in “reverse engineering” the 1918 killer virus was to access the U.S. Institute of Pathology’s massive “bank” of LIVE VIRUS SAMPLES to begin the “splicing” of the RNA strands – then placing them in plasmid cells. Taubenberger’s task was completed in 2003, and the deadly 1918 virus was successfully cloned and added to the biological weapon arsenal at Ft. Detrick, Maryland.

    The following influenza virus gene clades sequencing was sent to me by an anonymous insider who claims to have been employed by Novartis. These are supposedly the computer-generated “closest RNA matches” of the gene clades identified by Taubenberger?s team in the 1918 virus – with the existing gene sequencing on computer files at the World Health Organization data banks being a perfect match.

    These existing flu gene sequences were in fact systematically “reassorted” and inserted into plasmid cells to form the current “pandemic virus by Taubenberger and his team. It is the sworn testimony of three independent virologists that this “novel” gene clade sequencing could not possibly have happened spontaneously and “naturally”. There are 36 HA “spliced” (hemaglutinin) protein sequence homologies identified in the “novel” 2009 swine “pandemic” flu, as well as 30 -NS1 non-structural protein sequences, for a grand total of 66 unique gene structures that have been ?reassorted? and spliced together to form this ?reverse engineered? pandemic virus. Five Hemagglutinin (H) and one Neuraminidase (N) molecules (for a total of 6 molecules) were thus ?reverse engineered? by means of the 66 spliced protein sequences identified below. In CIA and MOSSAD intelligence circles, this ?bio-weapon? was code-named 666 Bird-Flu (six molecules altered by means of sixty-six spliced RNA proteins).

    At least a dozen microbiologists and potential “whistleblowers” have been murdered because they “knew the history” of the work and agenda of Taubenberger and Novartis concerning this conspiracy of mass murder and genocide.

    The biographical sketches of these victims are included at the end of this document, which is being written in their memory and honor. Hopefully, they didn?t die in vain.



    Hello, Dr. Deagle,

    It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    This first part, below, is in reference to a Supposed lawsuit filed by J. Burgermeister.

    Here are my comments after briefly reviewing this 115 pg. document about 5 mins. ago:


    After reviewing this paperwork, this does not look legitimate. It appears as if someone made it up on Abobe Acrobat.

    Regardless of what transpired in Austria, this does not seem to have any bearing on current U.S. issues, seems more like a good newspaper story. It brings in collateral details not directly associated with the clandestine manufacture of a H1N1 virus, does not mention developments of associated vaccines that are specifically tied to this issue by direct evidentiary connections or substantiation, connection, or circumstantial means, it’s too vague and generalized, and has no address or Plaintiff name, no U.S. Attorney name, no signatures, ????????

    In my opinion, I do not think this is real, no matter what language it is in (This was in English; although I heard it was in Austrian or German).

    Furthermore, with regard to the “Model” Emergency Health Powers Act, this has not been used to date, and, from what we can tell, no one has ever been forced vaccines on any person in the U.S during current times – although people do accept them. This is also at each State Governor’s discretion; not at the federal level.

    The one exception noted, is unauthorized (and probably illegal) school boards and childrens’ vaccinations who are attending public schools !

    Although, here, parents can refuse without penalty in most cases, from what we know. I am not an expert, but this is my legal understanding: please note, I am an investigator,
    not an attorney. I might forward this to James Turner, JD in Washington, DC to verify these facts and my opinion, as I have stated them, here.

    The “law suit” in question, and the copy I received, can be found at:


    I you have a different take on this, let me know; or call me: 406-333-4068.


    Thought you would like to see this, too, if Dr. Ott has not forwarded this to you:

    One of my researchers contacted an “old acquaintance” from Merck. She did a special search, and this is what my researcher forwarded back to me:

    The following items are being reviewed for the contacting of the U.S. Attorney. These are in ADDITION to the intent of creating or instigating grievous bodily harm, manslaughter, or murder (intentional) upon the American general public. Right now, we are considering approx. 10 diff. violations of CFR 21 Food & Drug Law, and well as violations of 18 USC Criminal Codes. My staff and I will continue along this route, until information requires investigative modifications regarding the applicable, or proposed criminal charges for presentation.

    Interesting? and infers severe, associated pathologies with both the vaccines and their adjuvants.

    (also see: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/565691_3 -or- http://www.whale.to/vaccine/adjuvants.html )

    To be honest, regardless of any patent or other regulatory guidance issues, the current H1N1 2009 vaccine could virtually be “anything”, including any additives or adjuvants. Our consensus is, that as a co-conspirator, DHHS – Public Health Service and FDA have turned a “blind eye” to current cGMP and quality control issues. This also includes NIH as well CDC. Due to the fear-based and a self-concocted expedient timeline to get the vaccine ready for the unsuspecting public, it is the general agreement of my research team, that this vaccine, as in previous and historical notations, could have various ingredients NOT listed or approved under submission documents,, patents, and other NDA/ANDA applications (new drug or abbreviated new drug). It would also be, in light of this issue, that FDA will not fully check the safety issues/concerns, or compel adequate regulatory oversight, as this would construe a direct contradiction to the indicated or apparent agenda of blanket and the substantial public vaccination programs that appear to be in effect.

    This is also in direct violation to the F,D, & C Act:

    The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) prohibits, among other things,

    * "The introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce of any food, drug, device, or cosmetic that is adulterated or misbranded" [FD&C Act, sec. 301(a); 21 U.S.C. 331(a)].
    * "The adulteration or misbranding of any food, drug, device or cosmetic in interstate commerce" [FD&C Act, sec. 301(b); 21 U.S.C. 331(b)].
    * "The receipt in interstate commerce of any food, drug, device, or cosmetic that is adulterated or misbranded, and the delivery or proffered delivery thereof for pay or otherwise"[FD&C Act, sec. 301(c); 21 U.S.C. 331(c)].
    * "The alteration, mutilation, destruction, obliteration, or removal of the whole or any part of the labeling of, or the doing of any other act with respect to, a food, drug, device, or cosmetic, if such act is done while such article is held for sale (whether or not the first sale) after shipment in interstate commerce and results in such article being adulterated or misbranded" [FD&C Act, sec. 301(k); 21 U.S.C. 331(k)].

    My research regulatory group and I also feel the vaccines in question are in violation of the federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act, Ch. 3 Section 301 General Adulteration of material in Interstate Commerce, Ch. 5 Sec. 501 Adulterated Drug/Devices (a) related to safety, and Sec. 505 (new Drugs) (a) related to safety, and the Public Health Service Act: Biologicals, Sec. 351 as related to the target of specified and realistic results expected from product.

    We put this together to help us focus on the various rulings, regulations, and exemptions, designated to vaccines. In which case, kindly see ATTACHED notes of 21 CFR related to FDA “work-arounds” that might potentially allow adulterated or unsafe product to enter into interstate commerce, thereby negating any safety precautions.

    The specific entries, near end of each document, that are of interest are ?highlighted? for your ease of your review. ~ Dr. E

    Historically, FDA either has violated its own rulings against adulterated or unsafe products (ie: The Delaney Clause , then followed by the Deminimus Act allowing specified carcinogens in foods, thereby relieving themselves [FDA or Mfr.] from judicial intervention); so, in conclusion, FDA has effectively disregarded safety, and as such, has also pre-empted tort actions against the vaccine mfr’s regarding conditions of safety, effectiveness, et al.

    Further investigation is required to determine specific violations of regulations and U.S. laws by DHHS/PHS/FDA and/or NIH or CDC relevant to this particular issue of the 2009 Novel Flu Virus and subsequent vaccine development.

    Arthur M. Evangelista, PhD

    QA & Reg Affairs Unit


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